We have a big vision for the future of leveraged machine learning in the public sector.  In particular, we look forward to creating clean, easy, inviting, and seamless interfaces for the public and for organizational staff.  On occasion, we share breakthroughs and insights below.  

Policy Simplification

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence that is capable of generating new content, such as text, images, and audio, based on its training data and algorithms. This technology can be used for policy summarization and consumption to help people understand complex policy documents more easily.

The use cases for this type of tool are endless.  Here are several applications regarding recent legislative proposals in Washington State.

HB 1110: Affordable Housing

.AI Summary

This new law will make it easier to build more houses in Washington. It changes some of the rules in the RCW (Revised Code of Washington) so that more homes can be built in places that usually only have one house. This law is important because it helps Washington reach its goal of building 1 million homes by 2044.

The law says that cities with 6,000 people or more, or cities near a city with 200,000 people, must make a rule that allows people to build 4 homes on a lot for residential use, 6 homes if 2 of them are affordable, and 6 homes on a lot near a big bus stop. The cities must do this within 9 months and they cannot make the rules for middle housing stricter than for single-family homes. The rule will start 24 months after it is made for cities with 10,000 people or more, or 12 months after the office of financial management says the city has enough people.

The department must help cities make sure they are following the rules. They must give cities a model ordinance to use if they haven’t made their own rules in time. The department also has a way for cities to ask for permission to do something different. If the department says yes, then no one can challenge it. If someone disagrees with the department’s decision, they can ask the growth management hearings board to look at it.

Cities can also ask for more time to provide water, sewer, or stormwater services if they can prove that they don’t have enough of these services now or won’t have enough in the next 5 years. They must ask for the extra time within 2 years of this rule starting, and the department will tell them how to do it.

If a city does something like make a rule or pass a law, it cannot be challenged in court or asked someone in charge to change it. A city that follows 3 laws will be considered to be following a 4th law until June 30.

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